Director Team

What really caught our attention was their star-studded team of stylists from Sam Woo to Gabriel, Andrew, Anneth, Veena and even top Korean Stylists Soobin, Vicky and BK. If you haven’t heard of Sam yet, you’re missing out!

Sam is the founder of MODE and the celebrity stylist who has previously worked closely with Kim Robinson in both Hong Kong and Singapore. ALL customers who gave him a try rave about his awesome service as well as his ability to deliver a versatile dry cut that is flowy and naturally elegant. But he’s not the only illustrious one. Gabriel, too, is another high-profile Singaporean stylist who counts Bryan Wong as well as a number of celebrities, business people featured in Forbes 40 under 40 and local politicians as his regular paying customers.

It is this spirit of giving that is emulated by the entire MODE team, making the service here stand out. You will feel like a million bucks not just because your hair looks amazing but also because your stylist genuinely cares about you and makes you feel valued.







``May your day be as
flawless as your Hair.``


-Sam Woo

``I never dreamed about success.
I worked for it.``



``Success is measured by what you
do after they tell you ‘no.’``


Meet our artists



Creative Director

the Bad Boy.


It takes a certain calibre of stylist to be selected as Kim Robinson’s Personal Assistant and eventually founding team of Kim Robinson Singapore but that isn’t the only reason why we’re so enamored with Sam. Beyond his amazing sense of aesthetics and skill, there’s something about Sam that tells us that he is no ordinary hairstylist.



Artistic Director

the Sweetheart.


You may not be a celebrity but it sure doesn’t hurt to get your hair cut by a Singaporean stylist whom Bryan Wong, Ayden Sng as well as families of prominent politicians and business people swear by. 20 years of rigorous hairdressing experience with stints in both Toni & Guy Singapore and Shanghai make him one of the few who can truly weave hairdressing magic and make dreams come true.



Artistic Director

the Thinker.


This magical ability of hers to see through to a person’s inner desires along with her formidable haircutting skills honed in London, Paris and Japan are possibly why Anneth had been voted as one of Singapore’s top haircut specialists – and why high profile clients like Royalty and Entrepreneurs go to her for haircuts.



Leading Stylist

the Cool Cat.


To some, a haircut may just be a haircut and a change in hair colour just a change in hair colour. But for those whose haircuts and hair colours are done right, a hairstyle change can actually prompt a changes in self-identity and eventually in the lives of customers. That is why Veena chose to pick up hairdressing 16 years ago: not just to make people look good but to give them confidence and improve all the other areas of their lives.



Lead Technician

the Exotic.


It isn’t every day that we get the chance to meet a hairstylist who has cut, coloured and styled the hair of international superstars like the likes of Jay Park and Gray as well as others from Amoeba and Hi-lite records. And as you would expect from a stylist Jay Park chooses to go to consistently for the past 8 years, Beck isn’t like any other stylist we’ve met thus far.



Senior Stylist

the Tech-lover.


Stylists from Hong Kong are few and far between in Singapore but even fewer have experience with celebs and magazine photoshoots. It is hence very refreshing for us to meet Ken, a talented young stylist with over 13 years of experience at top salons in Hong Kong. .




the Party Animal.


There are very few Singaporean stylists, let alone good-looking ones with both talent and skill. Don’t discount his skill just because of his good looks though; Andrew is one of the few Singaporean stylists who actually worked at top salons in Singapore including Kim Robinson and Next. In fact, Andrew was one of the few Sam handpicked to join the founding team of Mode after witnessing his talent, skill and dedication back in Kim Robinson.




the Pretty Women.


One of the most popular hairstylists in her previous salon, we always had a great impression of Vicky. She is not pretty in person, Vicky is very good at her work and is definitely one of the most genuine Korean stylists we ‘ve come across. She doesn’t push you to do any service or buy any product but listens very attentively to your requests and achieves them to the best of her ability.

In fact, she is so humble, you’ll probably not know that she has cut and styled the hair for a number of celebrities previously. In fact, some celebrities she worked on have gone on to perform in dramas and even movies with the hair that she styled back in Korean and even now in Singapore.  The fact that Vicky is chosen is testament to her good skill and also ability to bring out various vibes and styles thought hair. She attributes that to her regular communication with close friends in the fashion industry back on Korea that allows her to keep in touch with the latest fashion and hair trends. Having said that, Vicky is well-versed across all services from perms, volume rebonding or colouring.  If there is one service you absolutely got to try from Vicky through, it looks like it belongs on a magazine or in a drama and so is our all-time favourite service from her. 

Overall, a very talented Korean stylist you know can get you the hair of your dreams and one you know you can stick to for life.